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Created by administrator

A user created by an administrator has access to the system until the date specified by the administrator and can be functionally limited.

Also, when working in the VMS web user interface, temporary users cannot create new sub-users.

The list of temporary users

Creating a temporary user account

When creating a temporary user, the following actions need to be taken:

  • Click on the Add user button.

  • Enter the name, login, and password.

  • Specify the PTZ priority (from 1 to 100). The higher the value, the higher the priority the user has in remote PTZ camera control.

  • Specify the account expiration date.

  • Edit the list of cameras that the user has access to. When selecting cameras, the list only contains those cameras that are available to the administrator.

When an administrator grants a user access to a camera through the Administrator client, the camera will appear in the user’s interface – whether it’s a web interface, a desktop client, or a mobile app. The camera will be displayed with the name that was assigned at the time access was granted.

If this camera’s name is changed later, the user’s interface keeps the original name. The same rule applies when the user changes a camera name, the administrator's interface keeps the original name.

  • Select the user access levels

  • Click the Create button.

If the access level Business Analytics Cases is selected during creation or editing, additional fields are displayed where the user needs to specify the number of licenses they can use when creating analytics cases.

After removing analytics licenses, information about analytics types, reactions, events, and analytics resources is stored for 7 days and then deleted.

Password Change

To change the password of a temporary user, go to the Change password tab and enter a new password (minimum of eight characters).

Deleting a temporary user

To delete a user, open the user card, click on the delete button and confirm the action.

When deleting a temporary user who has access to cameras not available to the administrator, a corresponding warning message is displayed on the screen.

When deleting a temporary user, all information regarding the analytics cases they have created is also deleted.

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