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Video recordings

When a section is selected, the workspace displays a list of all archive segments downloaded by the user.

List of generated files

A search by camera name is provided.

Camera search by name

Filtering by the archive creation date is available.

Recordings filter by start/end creation date

The video recording title includes: camera address, camera name.

The Link to archive section column indicates the recording status:

  • Download – the archive has been generated and is ready for downloading.

  • In process – the archive is in the process of generation.

  • Unavailable – the archive has been deleted.

To download a file, click Download.

Files are stored for 240 minutes from the time of creation, after which they are deleted. Additionally, when storage is filled to more than 80%, automatic deletion of the five oldest archives is performed.

To delete a recording, click the delete button and confirm the deletion.

The Delete recording button

Confirmation of deletion

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