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Cameras. Web client user

This section is intended for working with cameras available to the user.

The Cameras section screenshot

There is a panel with lists on the left side of the window. To expand a list, click on its name:

  • All cameras, a list of cameras available to the user

  • Camera tree, a list of cameras with distribution by addresses within the central address system (CAS)

  • Camera groups, a list of customizable camera groups

  • Layouts, a list of customizable camera layouts

  • Video recordings, a list of archive segments downloaded by the user

You can close the panel. For this, hover over the border between the panel and the working area, then select the expand (<)icon.

Group 4 (5).png

To show the panel, select the expand (>)icon again.

The working area of the current section is used to display bookmarks and cameras located on bookmarks according to specific schemes. The configuration of layouts, selection of schemes, and cameras are described in the Layouts section.


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