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VMSMobileSDK. Android and iOS

SDK (Software Development Kit) – is a package of software development tools. It is a set of tools that brings together all the necessary resources for software development and implementation. SDK may contain one or more APIs, documentation, software libraries, debuggers, compilers, and interfaces that allow developers to create applications that run on a specific platform, operating system, or programming language.

Since the process of creating websites and applications is based on various principles, a specialized SDK is required for the development of mobile applications. Additionally, SDK packages simplify the deployment of applications on different platforms, such as iOS and Android.

VMSMobileSDK allows for the following functionality for the mobile apps:

  • Work with API requests.

  • A player configuration. VMSPlayerController is used to work with video streams both in Live and Archive modes, as well as to perform other functions of the platform player.

VMSMobileSDK packages

There are VMSMobileSDK packages for iOS and Android. For details, see the relevant sections:

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