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What's New 23.12

Administrator Account


  • Added the ability to create a camera tree through external services

  • Added the ability to add/remove access to the camera for various locations

  • The «Complaints» section has been updated


  • Added display of the number of analytics licenses when viewing general information about intercoms

  • Added progress bar when loading a file with apartments

  • Added the ability to add Beward intercom manually

  • Added changes to the «General Data» tab when viewing information about the intercom

  • Added «Registered» and «Not registered» statuses for Intersvyaz intercoms

  • Added the «Face Recognition» analytics case for intercoms, as well as the corresponding permission for users to use it


  • Now all users are managed in one «Users» section

  • Added «Sub-users» tab for quick search of sub-users

  • Added the ability to go to the user/sub-user/temporary user profile page by clicking on the user name


  • Added an additional column to the camera report


  • Added display of licenses for intercoms


  • New section «OVMS Analytics Module». This section is displayed if the installation contains analytics with the ability to run in the Kubernetes environment


  • Added filtering for the event list

Web Client


  • Changed captcha size


  • Added the ability to open a camera on the map from the camera tree

  • Improved logic for displaying cameras in the camera tree

  • Added search by camera name in the camera tree

  • Added the ability to view the system name of the camera


  • Added layout tree

  • Added the ability to select cameras when switching from Live mode to Archive mode, if more than 6 cameras were open in Live mode


  • Added display of information for a sub-user for each analytics level on the «Statistics» tab

  • Added additional parameter filters for report generation

  • Added sorting by reaction name in the «Events and reactions» section

  • Added a new type of analytics «Container number recognition»

  • Added the ability to save a cropped image as a reference

  • Added direction of movement when specifying an intersection line for the «Visitor counting» and «Line crossing detection» analytics cases

  • Added the «Sensitivity» field for the analytics cases «Smoke and fire detection», «Detection of loud sounds» and «Zone intrusion detection»

  • Added search by analytics case name

  • Added custom analytics options


  • Added the ability to unpin the Sidebar and move it


  • Added the ability to clone a sub-user


  • Added display of active sessions and session history

Mobile Apps


  • Added a signature indicating which resource group the resource used in the event belongs to for the «Face recognition» and «License plate recognition» analytics cases.

  • The logic of working with events has been changed for the «Face recognition» and «License plate recognition» analytics cases

  • Renamed the «High/Low quality stream active/inactive» event to «High/Standard video quality available/unavailable»

  • Added sort reset


  • Now, when playing videos in Live mode, HD quality is set by default

  • Updated logic for navigating through events when viewing an archive


  • Added the ability to add or remove resources for the «Face recognition» analytics case for intercom

  • Added filtering by intercom events

Desktop Client

A new Desktop client has been developed:

  • Completely redesigned

  • Previous functionality preserved and improved

  • Added completely new functionality for VMS clients

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