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The Zone intrusion detection analytics type. View and edit

View a case

When viewing a case with the Zone intrusion detection analytics type, a table displays:

  • Event image (frame at the moment of the event and frame 1 second before the event)

  • Event name

  • Camera

  • Event creation date

Group 23 (4).png

Zone intrusion cases

You can click the image thumbnail to display the image in full screen.

You can click the camera name to access the camera archive.


A set of filters is available:


  • Cameras – only events in which the event was recorded by the selected cameras are displayed.

  • Period – only events that occurred during the specified period are displayed.

Edit a case

To edit the case, click the «Settings» button on the analytics case viewing page.

To edit a case, select the step and make changes.

You can edit all previously specified settings, except for changing the type of analytics in step 1.

After finishing editing the case, click Save.

If, when editing a case, a camera with existing events is deleted, then you must select a method for deleting the camera:

Deleting the camera

  • Delete camera with saving events.

  • Delete camera and its events.

When you select the Delete with saving events option, all events that were recorded by this camera will be displayed in the analytics case. In this case, events will be taken into account when generating a report, when viewing the list of events, a transition to viewing the archive at the time of the event will be available, etc.

If you select the Delete camera and its events option, all events that were recorded by this camera will be completely deleted.

Stream settings

Selecting the Stream settings button opens the Analytics case status panel that contains additional information about the current case.

image 40 (4).png

The Analytics case status panel

The following details for each added to the case cameras are available:

  • A status of an analytics case.

  • UUID of an analytics stream

At the left bottom, you can change the status of the analytics case. If changed, save the changes by selecting Save.

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