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Intercoms. Android User

The «Intercoms» tab displays all intercoms added by the current user.

Adding intercoms is done through the web interface of the system administrator.

Subsection capabilities include:

  • Viewing added intercoms

  • Opening doors

  • Editing intercom settings:

    • Enabling/disabling notifications

    • Setting up notification schedules

«Intercoms» tab

List of intercoms

The list displays the following for each intercom:

  • Intercom name

  • Status «Inactive» if the intercom is turned off

  • Address (editable in the web interface of the system administrator)

  • «Online»/«Offline» statuses

  • Door opening button

  • Button for accessing intercom settings

If the intercom is linked to a camera, clicking on the camera image or intercom name will navigate to live camera viewing.

When viewing live streams, archives, or downloading archives, consider that the intercom camera may have been added in a different time zone. For more details, refer to the «UTC Standard» section.

Clicking the door opening button will open the door. The duration of the door opening is configured in the web interface of the system administrator (default duration is 7 seconds).

Clicking the control button will navigate to the intercom settings.

If the intercom is currently unavailable for any reason (power failure, malfunction, etc.), the status «Offline» will be displayed in the list of intercoms.

Calls, video playback, and door opening using an intercom in the «Offline» status are not available.

A corresponding message will be displayed on the screen when an offline intercom is clicked.

Message when clicking on an intercom in the «Offline» status


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