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Events and reactions. Web User

This section of analytics allows you to work with events and reactions.

Event is an event of an Analytics type that occurred based on a previously added Analytics.

Reaction is the name of a reaction created by the system user.

Events and reactions

The following are displayed on the tab:

  • A table with reactions to events:

    • User reaction name

      • Below the name the number of analytics cases in which this reaction is currently used is displayed. When you click on «Cases» a list of cases is displayed

    • The event to which the reaction is configured

    • System name of the reaction

    • Reaction status

    • Reaction creation date

    • Delete button

  • «Add» button with the function of adding a new reaction

  • Search field by reaction name

  • Filters:

    • By event

    • By reaction

    • By analytic type

  • Display 15/25/50/100 entries per page

 When you click on a line, you go to editing the reaction. A description of the reaction settings is given below in the «Adding a new reaction» section.

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