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Administrator guide. The Bridge

With a bridge device, users can add their cameras to the VSaaS platform. The activation and deactivation processes, as well as setting and management of the cameras, including the option to grant access to other users, are carried out in the user’s web interface. For details about the user’s capabilities with regard to the bridges, see this documentation page.

The administrator’s capabilities with regard to bridges are the following:

  • The administrators with the Mediabridge > Bridge. General permission level can view general information about bridges in the Administrator client and, if requested by a user, can activate and deactivate a bridge for them. For details, see this documentation page.

  • The administrator can access general information about a number of bridges associated with a specific user from the Users section.

  • In the Logging section, the administrator can access information about the logged events from bridges. For more details, see this documentation page.

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