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The toolbar. Live

In the upper right corner of the workspace, a set of tools for working with the current layout is displayed.

Group 4 (2).png

The toolbar in the Live section


The button to save changes to the layout.

image 12.png

Take a screenshot of the layout. See the description below.


Switch to Archive/DVR mode to view the current tab. Only visible for templates that include up to six cameras.


Button to view the current layout in a separate window.


A button to view the current layout on another monitor. After pressing the button, the monitor selection form is displayed.


Button to hide/show controls for each camera on all layouts.


When you press the button, all layouts that were open in separate windows and on other monitors are switched to full-screen viewing mode.

Hotkey: F12


Collapse\Expand all layouts that were open in separate windows and on other monitors.

Hotkey: F8


Reconnect to all idle streams.


Open current layout in full-screen mode.

Hotkey: F11

Take a layout screenshot

The option enables taking a screenshot of a layout that includes images from all cameras of the current layout.

You can select a default folder to archive files. This folder path is set in the Settings section. If the default folder isn’t set, a window with the folder selection will be displayed each time you save a screenshot.

When you select the icon, a window with the screenshot saving options is displayed.

Group 5 (1).png

Saving a multiscreen shot

Select the Add metadata to screenshot checkbox to add data to the screenshot. The following data will be added to each screenshot when the image is saved:

  • The date and time when the screenshot was saved.

  • The title of the camera.

  • The address of the camera.

You can also make a screenshot of the layout as a single screenshot. For this, the Take a screenshot of the layout in one image setting should be checked. If the checkbox remains empty, the screenshot of each camera in this layout will be individually saved.

Save the image by selecting a button:

  • Copy screenshot saves a screenshot to the clipboard (applicable to the general image).

  • Save screenshots saves image(s) into PNG files.

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