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Camera groups

The tab is designed for grouping cameras. The user can create and populate groups independently.

Camera groups

Creating a camera group

The function of creating a group is available in two ways:

  1. Expand the Camera groups tab and click the Pus icon (+).

  2. Select the Add group button at the left-bottom of the window.

Buttons for adding a new group

  1. In the opened form, enter the group name and select Confirm.

When created, the group will appear in the list of camera groups.

You can also add a camera to a group by dragging-and-dropping the cameras from the list of all cameras to the relevant group.

Adding a camera to a group

To add a camera to a group, follow these steps:

  • Hover over the group name.

  • Click the Plus icon (+).

  • In the opened list, select the checkboxes of cameras to add to the group.

  • Select Add.

Camera selection

After confirmation, the selected cameras will appear in the camera group.

Open in a layout

This function allows you to open cameras from a group in a new layout for simultaneous viewing of streams from the selected cameras. You can select up to six cameras.

To open cameras in a layout:

  • Hover over the desired group.

  • Select the Management icon.

  • Select Open in layout.

  • In the opened form, select up to six cameras

  • Select Add.

Selecting cameras from the group for viewing in the layout

After confirmation, a layout with a name similar to the group name is created. Viewing the feed is done in archive mode with the ability to switch to live mode.

Viewing cameras from the group in a layout

Renaming a camera group

To rename a group:

  • Hover over the desired group.

  • Click on the management icon.

  • Select Rename group.

  • In the opened form, enter the new group name.

  • Select Confirm.

Renaming a group

Deleting a camera group

To delete a group:

  • Hover over the desired group.

  • Click the management icon.

  • Select Delete group.

  • Confirm the deletion.

Deleting a group

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