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StaticsApi. Android

Api for getting base information from your server and send to server possible tokens.

Get all translations

Get translations of given language and from specific revision.

If request was successful you'll get VMSTranslationObject object.

suspend fun getTranslations(
    @Query(LANGUAGE) language: String,
    @Query(REVISION) revision: Int
): VMSTranslations


Object with needed information to get translations.

init(language: VMSLanguage, revision: Int)

language - can be ru or en.

revision - number of revision from which you'll get changes in translations. Set to 0 to get all translations.


Get base information that you need for player.

If request was successful you'll get VMSStatic object.

suspend fun getStatics(): VMSStatics


Object you get from server with information you need to run some functionality.

camera_issues - issues on which you can send report to server.

video_rates - video rates that are available for player.

mark_types - available types of user events.

analytic_types - analytic event types available to user.

analytic_cases - analytic cases types available to user.

analytic_events - event types of analytic cases available to user.

Basic static

Get information you need to proceed with login.

If request was successful you'll get VMSBasicStatic object.

suspend fun getBasicStatic(): VMSBasicStatic


Object you get from server with information you need to login properly.

is_captcha_available - true if you need captcha information for login.

is_external_auth_enabled - true if you can login with external service.

version - current version of backend.


FCM (for Google pushes)

Send FCM token to server if you have firebase.

suspend fun sendFcmToken(@Body fcmRequest: VMSFcmRequest): Response<ResponseBody>

HMS (for Huawei pushes)

Send HMS token to server if you use it.

suspend fun sendHuaweiToken(@Body fcmRequest: VMSHuaweiRequest): Response<ResponseBody>

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