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Events. The Desktop client

Event logs

In the Events section, you can track the event logs, which are displayed on the following tabs:

  • System events:

    • Changing the activity of low/high quality streams.

    • Changing camera status.

  • User events contains the events added manually by the user when viewing camera archives.

  • Camera events contains the events of motion detection SMPT.

  • External events contains the events from various third-party systems and devices.

Group 7 (16).png

The Events tab


To quickly search for events, filters are provided on each tab. Depending on the selected tab, the set of filters may differ.


Filter on the System Events tab

Filters allow you to filter events:

  • For specific cameras.

  • By an event type. Event types depend on the selected tab.

  • For a certain period. Filling in both fields is optional: you can only specify the start date or end date of a period.

The display of event types depends on the user's access rights.

The list is filtered automatically after selecting at least one filter.

Generate a report

You can generate a report for each type of events and download it in the .XLXS file. The generated report inherits all the filters set on the tab when generating a report. If the filters aren’t set, the report will contain all the events of the selected type.

To generate a report, select Generate a report.

Group 7 (17).png

The Generate a report button

In the opened window, complete the details where to save the report and confirm the action.

You’ll be notified on the process of the report generation with the following notification.

image 18 (8).png

The notification

Upon completion of the report generation, you’ll see the following notification. To navigate to the downloaded file, select Show in Folder.

image 19 (1).png

The notification upon completion

An example of a generated report.

generated report_.png

An example of a generated report

Open a section in new window

The Open in new window function allows you to open the Events section with all tabs in a separate window.

To open the current section in a new window, in the Events section, select the Open in new window button.

Group 7 (18).png

The Open in new window button.

As a result, the Events section with all tabs will be opened on a free monitor (if available) in a separate window. In this case, the set of filters configured in the application workspace will be copied to a separate window.

It is possible to open several windows with the Events section.

The actions performed in the application workspace and in the opened windows aren’t synchronized. This means, that applying filters in a separate window isn’t changing the filters in the working window and vice versa.

Events update

The function is designed to manually update the list of events on the current tab.

To update the list of events for the current tab, select the Refresh button.

refresh icon.png

The Refresh icon





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