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External events. The Desktop client

The External events tab includes events from various third-party systems and devices, for example:

  • Security zone alarm

  • Security system malfunction

  • Entry zone alarm

  • Unknown card ID

  • The door has been broken into

  • The door is not closed

  • Card access is prohibited

  • Dry contact closure

  • Fire

  • Fire extinguishing launch

For each event, the line displays information:

  • Event type

  • Camera name

  • Camera address

  • Event date and time

View event

To view the archive at the time of the event, double-click the left mouse button on the event name or camera name. Also, to go to an event, call the context menu of the event and select Go to event.

As a result, the transition to playing the archive in the player will be performed immediately at the moment of the event.

If there is no archive at the time the event is opened, a message “The start of the event is outside the current archive limits. Go to the archive?” is displayed. If you select Yes, you go to the archive of this camera at the time of the event. If you select No, you remain on the current event page.

Open on layout

It is possible to simultaneously view several events.

To do this, select the checkboxes of the relevant events and Open on layout.

You can select up to 6 events.

As a result, you navigate to the Archive/DVR section, where a new layout will be created with the corresponding cameras and playback at the time of the selected events.

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