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The side panel. The Desktop client

On the left side of the window, there is a panel with a list of cameras. The panel is available when viewing the Live and Archive sections.

On the panel, you can:

  • Select cameras for viewing in Live and Archive (depending on the section).

  • Create and populate camera groups.

  • Create and configure layouts (video walls) and groups of layouts.

The panel includes (from top to bottom):

image 6 (7).png

The side panel

image 7 (4).png

The search field to search for cameras and camera groups on their names.


The filter to filter the camera list according to the status: Active, Inactive, Partially active. To clear the filter, select Clear selection.


The Refresh button to update the camera list.


The button to add a camera group.

image 7 (5).png

The All cameras list contains all the cameras available to the current user. The list can’t be edited or deleted. The list is automatically created.

Group 5 (9).png

The lists that can’t be edited or deleted. In these lists, cameras are grouped according to their location. The lists are automatically created.

image 9 (5).png

Camera groups (if they exist).

image 10 (5).png

The search field to search for layouts on their name.


The Refresh button to update the layouts list.


The button to add a group of layouts.

image 11 (1).png

The list of all layouts, including the Favorite layouts folder and layout groups if they exist.

The added cameras

The cameras that are associated with a bridge and added to the list of cameras available to the users are marked with a special icon.

image 13.png

A bridge camera

The functionality of bridge cameras is identical to the other cameras.

The bridge camera setting is carried out in the user's web interface in the Devices section. For the sub-users to have access to the bridge cameras, they should be granted special access.

Change the panel size

You can change the panel size. To do this, move the cursor to the border between the panel and the work area, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to the right or left to change the width of the panel.

Collapse the panel

The side panel can be folded. To do this, click on the appropriate button.


Side panel collapse button

To return the panel to its original state, press the button again.

The context menu

From the context menu, you can access a number of the options like renaming, adding cameras to a group, viewing the layout in a separate window, and more.

To open the context menu, hover over the camera name, camera group, layout, or group of layouts and right-click.

As a result, a context menu will be displayed with a list of functions depending on the selected object.

image 24.png

The layout context menu

Also, the context menu of a layout or group of layouts is called out by selecting the horizontal ellipses (…) next to the name.

The functions are described below in the relevant sections:

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