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Add a new visitor

To add a new visitor, go to the Visitors tab and click on the Add visitor button.

If no intercom is added, the button to add a new visitor will be hidden.

You can add up to 5 visitors per account.

There is no option to extend the validity period of the code.

In the Add visitor window, you should specify:

  • Intercom. If there are multiple intercoms, the first one in the list will be selected by default.

  • Visitor name. By default, the name Visitor is specified with the corresponding ordinal number.

  • Time due (code expiry time). You can specify the time using quick selection buttons or set it using the calendar. Click on the Time due field to open the calendar.

After filling in all the fields, click on Add visitor.


Adding a visitor

The code is generated automatically. There is a function to copy the code to the clipboard, as well as the Share function.


The generated code

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