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Edit an analytics resource group

To edit resources, you need to access the resource group.

The following actions are possible:

  • Rename the resource group.

  • Move resources to another group.

  • Copy resources to another group.

  • Delete resources.

  • Rename resources.

  • Change the view of the resources.

Renaming a resource group

To change the name of a resource group:

  • Select the desired group from the analytics resource table and click it.

  • Click on the manage icon to the right.

  • Choose Rename.

  • Change the group name.

  • Click Save.

Renaming a group

Resource editing

To edit the resource, click on the edit button in the desired line.

The Edit button

As a result, the data editing form will be displayed. The set of editable data depends on the type of resource.

For resources of the Faces type:

image 44 (1).png

Editing a resource

You can change:

  • An image

  • A resource name

  • A full name

  • A user’s status

  • Main and secondary phone numbers

  • Notes

One resource can contain only one photo. To add two or more photos of one visitor, you must add the appropriate number of resources.

Select Save to save changes.

  • The updated data will be applicable only to new events.

  • The occurred events keep the data unchanged.

For resources of the License plates type:

Editing a resource of the License plates type

You can change:

  • The resource name.

  • A country code.

Transfer resources

To transfer resources from one group to another:

  • Select the desired resources.

  • Click Transfer.

  • Select an existing group from the provided list.

  • Confirm the action.

Transferring resources

Copy resources

To copy resources from a group:

  • Select the desired resources.

  • Click Copy.

  • Choose an existing group from the provided list.

  • Confirm the action.

Copying resources

Deleting resources

To delete a resource:

  • Select the resource you want to delete.

  • Click Delete.

  • Use the corresponding button to confirm deleting the resource only from the current group or from all groups to which it was added/copied.

Deleting resources

To search for a resource, enter the resource name in the search field.

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