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GroupApi. Android

Api to manipulate with camera groups.

Get group list

Get list of camera groups. Specify page for request. For the first request set page = 0.

If request was successful you'll get paginated response of groups.

suspend fun getGroups(@Query(PAGE) page: String): VMSApiResponseGroups

Create group

Create new group of cameras with specified name. Initially the group is empty.

If request was successful, the response would be VMSCreateGroupResponse.

suspend fun createGroup(@Body name: VMSSimpleName): VMSCreateGroupResponse

Rename group

Rename specific group by it's id with new name.

If request was successful, the response would be VMSChildGroup.

suspend fun renameGroup(@Path(ID) id: String, @Body name: VMSSimpleName): VMSChildGroup

Delete group

Delete specific group by it's id.

If request was successful, the response would be VMSStatusResponse.

suspend fun deleteGroup(@Path(ID) id: Int): VMSStatusResponse

Update group

Update group with specified information.

If request was successful, the response would be VMSChildGroup.

suspend fun updateGroup(@Path(ID) id: String, @Body group: VMSUpdateGroupRequest): VMSChildGroup

@Path(ID) id - id of the group to specify needed group.


Object with needed information to update a group.

name - new name of the group If you don't' want to change group name set old name in this parameter.

items - list of cameras ids you want to add to this group.

Sync groups

This request will sync specified camera with all user's groups. The request require a list of groups where this camera will belong to. Camera will be deleted from other groups.

If request was successful, the response would be VMSGroupSync object.

suspend fun syncGroups(@Path(ID) id: String, @Body groups: VMSGroupSyncRequest): VMSGroupSync

@Path(ID) id - specify camera by it's id.

groups - specify the list of group ids where camera will be presented (camera will be added to a group if it wasn't there before).


Information about the way of syncing on server side.

data class VMSGroupSync(
	@SerializedName("type") val type: String = ""
): Parcelable

sync - you will get this type, if the syncing was done

async - you will get this type, if user has more than 50 group the backend request will run asynchronously. After process is done you'll receive socket message you can handle. See VMSPusherApi for more details.

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