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On this page, you can find general information about Aipix (the VSaaS platform).

The documentation we provide is in the White label format. This means that the documentation is delivered in a format that uses general terms instead of specific brand names. Below, you find the terminology used for the product names and their identifiers in the documentation.

Aipix (the VSaaS platform) is a high-performance software platform for organizing cloud video surveillance (VSaaS) services and smart security solutions. In the documentation, the VSaaS platform stands for Aipix. For details about the platform, see the VSaaS platform documentation section.

Aipix Control Center (VMS or Video Management System) is a management console for orchestrating, administering, and monitoring the components and services of the Aipix platform. In the documentation, VMS stands for Aipix Control Center. For details, see the VMS documentation section.

Aipix Control Center (VMS) consists of the following clients:

  • The Administrator client

  • The Web client

  • The Desktop client

  • The mobile applications

To download the mobile application for iOS devices, you can either scan the QR code provided below or, in the App Store, search for Aipix.

To download the mobile application for Android devices, you can either scan the QR code provided below or, in Google Play, search for Aipix.

To download the Desktop client, select the Download the app button on the authorization form in the web client.


The Download button


The Download app for Windows button

Aipix Mediaserver (Mediaserver) is a high-performance server for capturing, recording, and streaming video streams from IP cameras and other devices. In the documentation, Mediaserver stands for Aipix Mediaserver. For details, see the Mediaserver documentation section.

Aipix Videoanalytics (Analytics) is online video analytics based on neural networks with flexible scenarios and various reactions to events. In the documentation, Analytics stands for Aipix Videoanalytics. For details about Analytics, see the Analytics documentation section.


The products are licensed in two ways:

  • Offline

  • Online

Currently, online licensing is used to activate licenses. To activate offline licenses, contact support.



In case of issues, you can contact support via the email:

Support working hours:

Mon-Fri from 8.00 to 18.00 (GMT: +3.00)

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