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VMSPusherApi. iOS

Uses pusher-websocket-swift of 10.0.1 version with some fixes for VMSMobileSDK purposes.


init(baseUrl: String,
    socketUrl: String,
    appKey: String,
    userToken: String,
    userId: Int,
    accessTokenId: String)

baseUrl - base url to connect with the server. Use the same you used in VMS initialization

socketUrl - specific for provided base url, socket url to connect to WebSocket. See SocketApi to know how to get this info

appKey - app key to connect to WebSocket. See SocketApi to know how to get this info

userToken - token of current user

userId - id of current user

accessTokenId - access token id of current user


VMSPusherApi response to VMSSocketManager protocol

isConnected() -> Bool - returns if socket connected or not

connect() - use this function to connect to WebSocket

disconnect() - use this function to disconnect from WebSocket


VMSPusherApi uses VMSSocketManagerDelegate

changedConnectionState(from old: ConnectionState, to new: ConnectionState) - implement this method to track changing of connection status

receivedError(error: PusherError) - implement this method to receive errors from pusher

receivedAppSocket(socket: VMSAppSocketData) - implement this method to receive sockets of VMSAppSocketType

receivedIntercomSocket(socket: VMSIntercomSocketData) - implement this method to receive sockets of VMSIntercomPushTypes


In case list of cameras was updated for this user

case camerasUpdate(VMSCamerasUpdateSocket)

struct VMSCamerasUpdateSocket {
    public let detached: [Int]?     /// 
    public let attached: [Int]?     /// 

detached - list of cameras ids that were deleted from this user's account

attached - list of cameras ids that were added to this user's account

In case user's permissions were updated

case permissionsUpdate

In case groups were updated for this user

case groupsUpdate

In case request syncGroups(for cameraId:, groupIds:, completion:) returned async value and was successful and done. See GroupApi for more details.

case cameraGroupsSynced

In case of successful manipulating with events.

case eventCreated(VMSEvent)
case eventDeleted(VMSEvent)
case eventUpdated(VMSEvent)

Archive download url was generated successfully.

case archiveGenerated(VMSArchiveLinkSocket)

struct VMSArchiveLinkSocket {
    public let download: VMSDownloadUrlData?
    public struct VMSDownloadUrlData: Codable {
        public let url: String?

In case user was logged out from system (ex. the session was deleted)

case logout


In case VOIP call from intercom was canceled from intercom.

case callCanceled(VMSCanceledCall?)

Results of user's actions with intercoms and codes.

case intercomCodeStored(VMSIntercomCode?)
case intercomCallStored(VMSIntercomCall?)
case intercomStored(VMSIntercom?)
case intercomKeyConfirmed(VMSIntercom?)
case intercomRenamed(VMSIntercom?)
case intercomsDeleted(VMSIntercomDeleteSocket?)
case intercomCodesDeleted(VMSIntercomDeleteSocket?)
case callsDeleted(VMSIntercomDeleteSocket?)
case intercomKeyError(VMSIntercomErrorSocket?)
case intercomAddError(VMSIntercomErrorSocket?)

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