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Custom Tree View

The Tree View tab represents a list of all cameras distributed across branches. Branches are created manually.

The Tree View Tab

Section capabilities:

  • Camera list view

  • Camera search

  • Camera addition

  • Camera transfer to other branches

  • Camera viewing and configuration settings

Page content:

Adding Branches

Click Add or Add Root Branch to add a root branch, i.e., a top-level branch.

Adding a Root Branch

A form will appear on the screen to enter the branch name. Enter the name and click Add.

To add a branch of the second level and subsequent levels, hover over the branch name in the camera tree, bring up the context menu, and select Add Branch.

Adding a Branch

Next, enter the branch name and click «Add».

If cameras have already been added to a branch, adding a lower-level branch is not allowed.

Transferring a Camera to Another Branch

If permission is granted, cameras can be transferred between branches in the tree.

Camera List

Hierarchical CAS addresses structure is used for navigating the camera list.

The total number of cameras is indicated next to the city/street/house name.

To view cameras in a specific location, find the address in the tree and click on the house number. As a result, all cameras in the selected location will be displayed in the table on the right.

Camera tree view with address distribution

The table includes a set of tabs. The number and name of tabs are configured in the Customer's billing system. In this case, the table will contain at least two tabs:

  • Tab No. 1 - a group of cameras. It is possible to add several tabs to group cameras by certain properties (access restrictions, user type, etc.)

  • Tab No. 2 - a list of logins of system users with access to cameras

The following is a variant of the interface with a set of tabs "Public", "Private" and "Logins".

Clicking on a row will lead to the camera parameters list. Detailed description is provided further (see the section Viewing, adding and editing camera data).

Viewing Camera Parameters

To search for a camera, enter at least three characters in the Search field. The search is performed based on the following values:

  • Camera name

  • IP address

  • Camera UUID

The search is performed automatically as you enter characters. As a result of the search, only the found cameras will be displayed in the camera tree and table.

To return to the original table, perform one of the following actions:

  • Clear the Search field.

  • Click Х in the Search field.

  • Click Clear filter and show all cameras.

Adding Cameras

In the camera tree, hover over the branch, bring up the context menu, and select Add Camera.

As a result, you will be directed to adding a new camera and entering general parameters. Detailed description is provided further (see the section Viewing, adding and editing camera data).

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